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Anarchists and Democrats in Russia

The Democratic Movement in Russia, 1985-2005 Collection is a personal collection of Aleksandr Ermakov, activist in the democratic and anarchist movements in St. Petersburg from the late 1980s to the mid 2000s, consists mostly of anarchist, anti-fascist, democratic, and left-wing leaflets, periodicals and other publications from St. Petersburg and other cities and regions in the Russian Federation, as well as from other former republics of the Soviet Union.

In addition, the collection contains a sizeable body of materials pertaining to the activities of the St. Petersburg branch of the Democratic Union (Demokraticheskii Soiuz), the first independent political movement founded in the Soviet Union during the years of Perestroika. Apart from leaflets and pamphlets, the collection includes minutes of party meetings, correspondence, and other unpublished material. Brought together over an almost 20-year time span, the Aleksandr Ermakov collection offers broad territorial coverage of the activities of grass-roots democratic and left-wing movements during Russia's democratization wave of the 1980s and 1990s.
(Text: Gijs Kessler)

1 October 2011