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Latin America - Library, Image & Sound

Of course the IISH library contains dissertations, monographs, and journalistic impressions of the social history of all Latin American countries. Publications of the movement, such as periodicals and leaflets, are equally available for research. The periodical collection represents virtually every centre of labour activities. A large share of the periodicals predating 1940 is anarchist in nature. These records come from the collections of the Austrian anarchist and collector Max Nettlau and from the Spanish anarchist Rudolf Lone (pseudonym of Jesus Louzara de Andrés).

Most of the Institute's Brazilian periodicals date from the first two decades of the 20th century. The collection reflects the immigrant composition of the early Brazilian working class. Some of the journals were published in several languages. For the 19th century movement, the collection contains a number of rare journals such as Gli schiavi bianchi (1892, microfiche 941) L'avvenire (1894-1895, microfiche 398), O despertar (1904-1905, microfiche 520). The major newspapers of the Brazilian anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalist orientation are well represented: O amigo do povo (1902-1904) A terra libre (1905-1910), La Battaglia (1904-1912).
The Argentine periodicals collection is best represented for the period prior to 1930, the formative years. Most of the materials are anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist. La Protesta (1903-1941, microfilm 5142-5172) and La Acción Socialista (1905-1910, ZF 28004) reveal the divisions between the two ideological positions.
In the 1980s, Nicaragua was at the centre of international debate. Many Sandinista leaders were accomplished authors and artists. The IISH library includes political newspapers of the Sandinistas revolution (Barricada Internacional 1982-1997, ZF 65013), Poder Sandinista, but also the periodicals reflecting the cultural revolution (El Nuevo Diario 1980-1992, ZF 66382, Poesia Libre, (1981-1983, ZO 32720).

The Image and Sound Department houses about 2000 posters and thousands of photos relating to Latin American countries. The photo collection on the Argentine Madres from Marguerite Guzman Bouvard is available here. A huge number of photos have been digitized and are available online, but there are also valuable photo collections that are described in less detail and archived in boxes.

All these materials may be retrieved through different types of searches in the IISH catalogue.