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Spanish Civil War - Library, Image & Sound

The IISH library has a unique collection of periodicals issued during the Civil War. Go to a list of about 170 titles and shelf locations.
The IISH Image and Sound Department houses:
- thousands of photos pertaining to the CNT/FAI archive and many other pictures and photo albums (e.g., BG T2/629, album from the Dutch nurse Noor Diamant, BG T2/406, album from the Czech volunteer Jaroslav Hosek)
- hundreds of posters from UGT, CNT, AIT, PSUC, etc. from the Civil War
- tapes of interviews with participants (listed in this guide under collections)
- flags and banners such as the Brigada Mixta banner (call number BG L2/19).

All these records, including thousands of monographs, dissertations, and other books on the Civil War, can be searched in the IISH catalogue.