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Spanish Civil War - Other Participants

Archives and Collections of non-Spanish participants 

Luigi Bertoni (I; anarchist)
Files of documents relating to the Spanish Civil War

Johan Brouwer (NL; hispanist)
Permit to visit the Spanish Republic 1938, files of documents relating to the Civil War

Fritz Brupbacher (CH; syndicalist)
Extensive correspondence with Federica Montseny 1932-1945

Harry Domela (D; International Brigade)
Extensive correspondence with Jef Last 1938-1965

Theo van Driesten
Documents relating to the Internationaal Solidariteitsfonds voor de POUM 1937-1938

Luce Fabbri (IT; anarchist)
Series of correspondence relating to the Spanish Civil War

Karel Fukan (CZ; Gottwald Batallion)
- in Škrábek archive, nrs 127-133 Memoirs, songs and notes on the Civil War

Antonio Gimenez (pseudonym of Bruno Salvadori; I; Colonna Durruti)
Memoirs, (published)

Emma Goldman (US; anarchist)
Files of correspondence from the period of the Civil War with CNT, FAI and the SIA, including letters by Martin Gudell, Pedro Herrera, Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Augustin Souchy, Mariano Vàzquez, and some circulars, reports, bulletins and copies of articles 1936-1939; files of correspondence with members of the English Section of the SIA.

Martin Gudell (LT; CNT)
Correspondence with Andrés Bulota, Virgilio Gozzoli, Zhang Yan, Jesus Lara Trueba, Vitas and others; several letters from Emma Goldman; reports and handwritten manuscripts concerning Spain; propaganda documents of the CNT, FAI and the Deutsche Anarcho-Syndikalisten im Ausland (DAS).

Jaroslav Hošek (CZ; International Brigades)
- in Škrábek archive, nrs 116-126: memories, handwritten card system with the names of Czech volunteers

Albert de Jong (NL; anarchist)
International correspondence and documentation about the International Workingmen's Association (Association Internationale des Travailleurs AIT) and the Commission International Liaison Ouvrière

Helmut Klose (D; anarchosyndicalist)
Copy of a diary by Helmut Klose made during his stay in the internment camp Gurs in France 1939; copies of some manuscripts by and on Helmut Klose and Emilio Hessenthaler (Joe Oll) 1939-1940.

Jan Kurzke (D; International Brigades)
Typescript of The Good Comrade, memoirs of both on their 'separate but connected' adventures in Spain, covering Kurzke's travel to Spain in 1934 and his time as a member of the International Brigades 1936-1937

Jef Last (NL; International Brigades)
Letters from Spain to his wife Ida, personal documents

Arthur Müller Lehning (NL; anarchist)
Files about the Spanish Civil War

Gaston Leval (F; CNT)
Manuscripts of his memoirs; data files for his book 'Collectives in the Spanish Revolution' 1937-1938

J. Maas-Bovenkerk (NL; nurse)
Memories of the Civil War

Max Meijer (NL; International Brigades)
Documents concerning the Civil War

Nederlandse deelnemers aan de Internationale Brigades [Dutch militants in the International Brigades] Collection
Collection of small archives from Leo Klatser, Giny Klatser-Oedekerk, Karel Neijssel and Fanny Schoonheyt; memories written by Jacob Heshof, copies of letters written from Spain by Pieter Pleun de Winter and Siem Dolstra; documents pertaining to Noor van Bergen-Diamant; transcripts of interviews with: Siep Adema, Co Dankaart, Frans van der Donk, Adriaan van Dijk, Jan van Eijk, Wim van Exter, Arie Favier, Hein Garritsen, Jaap Gons, Willem van Hattum, Wim Jong, Leo Klatser, Piet Laros, Anton Michels, Th Mulder, G.J. v.d. Muijzenberg-v. Boxel, Karel Neijssel, Frans Oord, Roel Oosterhek, Arie van Poelgeest, Albert Potze, Theo van Reemst en Trudel van Reemst-de Vries, F. van Santen, Jenny Schaddelee, Chris Smit, Sake Visser; documents re commemorations and the Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales

Nederlandse deelnemers aan de Internationale Brigades [Dutch militants in the International Brigades] Documents
- in Komintern - CPH/CPN collection nrs 44-45. Copies from the Comintern archive in Moscow: Reports and letters to the representative of the Executive Committee of the Comintern in Valencia cc the Dutch Communist Party Central Committee 1937-1938. Card system of the Dutch militants in the International Brigades with biographical data, characteristics etc (microfilm)

Max Nettlau (AU; anarchist)
Extensive correspondence with Federica Montseny

Charles Andrew Orr (US; journalist)
Photocopies of Orrs Memories of George Orwell, Leon Trotsky and the Spanish Civil War; and an unpublished manuscript on the Civil War

Johannes Post (NL; Comité Hulp aan Spanje)
Documents re Comité Hulp aan Spanje [Relief for Spain Committee]

Vernon Richards (IT; anarchist)
Documents re Spain and the World, a newspaper founded by Richards in 1936; correspondence with Gerald Brenan, George Orwell a.o.

Rudolf Rocker (D; anarchist)
Files on the AIT and CNT, correspondence with Diego Abad de Santillan and many others

Helmut Rüdiger (D; anarchosyndicalist)
Correspondence with Diego Abad de Santillan and many others; documents relating to the CNT

Bruno Salvadori, see Antonio Gimenez

Karel Škrábek (CZ; International Brigades)
Lists with names of participants in the Spanish Civil War and handwritten notes by Škrábek concerning interviews held with Czech and Slovak volunteers; other documents relating to the Civil War

Augustin Souchy (D; anarchist)
Correspondence with various persons, manuscripts on Spain and the Civil War

Germinal de Sousa (PT; FAI, Tierra y Libertad)
- in FAI nrs 15, 30C, 59.2, 62A.6 Correspondence, pictures, personal papers and other documents from Germinal de Sousa, general secretary of the Comité Peninsular FAI. 1936-1938

Paul and Clara Thalmann (CH; Durruti Column)
Memories, account of their imprisonment in Spain