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The Russian Revolution at IISH

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 In the year 2017, hundred years after the Russian revolution, the International Institute of Social History pays special attention to its Russian collections, research and other programmes. Over the coming months of this centennial of the Russian revolution we will present some of these activities and collections in some more detail on these pages.

The IISH has a special connection to Russia. Important Russian collections found a home at IISH right after its foundation in 1935. In the Soviet Union under Stalin at that time only one version of history was permitted: that of the communist party. Other political parties and movements were persecuted and many went into exile. Their papers and archives were preserved by the International institute of social history and are safely stored at the Cruquiusweg in Amsterdam up till the present day.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union the International Institute of Social History started to closely collaborate with archives, libraries and individual researchers in Russia. Research played an increasingly important role in this collaboration. Russian students were trained in the tools and techniques of modern social history research. This resulted in a series of Dutch-Russian research projects, joint publications and exhibitions.

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Information: Margot van der Heide