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Catalogue of titles on Utopian Communities

The Catalogue of titles on Utopian Communities, Colonies, Communes and other Experiments in Living Together is an extract from the complete IISG catalogue (see below) and it contains approximately 4,000 records. The most important subjects are: French 19th century utopian socialism; American communist colonies; Kibbutzim; etc. It cannot claim to be complete on a broad subject like Utopian communities. Be sure to check the complete IISG catalogue if you cannot find what you are looking for.
The catalogue is available here as an access file (last updated 22 July 1999).

The basis of the IISH American collection on this subject is a collection bought in 1938 from the New York antiquarian Kramer. In 1951 a catalogue presenting this material was published in the Bulletin of the International Institute of Social History (nr.2 pg.89-122).

The IISH wishes to thank Saskia Lambregts for her work on this catalogue.
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