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Call for Papers TSEG: Economic and Social History in the next ten years

15 May 2017

On which themes should economic and social history focus in the coming years? What remains to be  researched beyond global history? Are research agenda’s narrowing down too much when they are continuously judged for their societal relevance? What will the sources, the data, and techniques of the future be like? Is the future about interdisciplinarity and if so, with which disciplines? Or will we dig once again into the depths of the regional case study?

The editorial board of TSEG / the Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History, is organizing a competition for all economic and / or social historians in Flanders and the Netherlands, in particular the younger generation,  to put their thoughts on the  future of the field, in the next ten years, on paper.

If you would like to participate, please submit  a short proposal (1 page) before May 15 to the Editorial Board, ave (@) A jury will select 4-6 proposals  and invite the authors  to develop their proposal into an essay.

Please find more information on the this callfor papers on the website of TSEG