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The Sixties

28 October 2001 to 24 March 2002

The Sixties is the name of the exhibition at De Burcht in Amsterdam that runs from 28 October 2001 until 24 March 2002 and reviews the protest generation from the 1960s. The exhibition was compiled by the International Institute of Social History (IISH).

The beginning of the exhibition addresses the height of the Provo riots in 1966. Eight items, including the fall of Mayor van Hall, broadcasting "pirates" and Provos, explore the enormous cultural rift caused by the youth over the extended decade of the sixties (1955-1975). The exhibition aims to illustrate the chronological transition from the politically ignorant, rebellious youth of the 1950s to the politically concerned youth of the 1970s.

Sound, film and television scenes, in addition to posters, leaflets, pamphlets and photographs, figure prominently in the exhibition. The audio sections include music and radio excerpts and live radio broadcasts by the pirate radio station Veronica (Radio 192). Three movies directed by Louis van Gasteren (Omdat mijn fiets daar staat, De ingreep and Open het graf) are featured as well.

Much of the material on display comes from the collections of the IISH. The motion pictures exhibited are from the archive of the Nederlands Audiovisueel Archief (NAA).