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Global Labour History Worldwide

The leading French social history journal Le Mouvement Social has embraced IISH's Global Labour History approach.

Its latest issue (no 241, 'Travail et Mondialisation')is totally devoted to Global Labour History. IISH's research director Marcel van der Linden wrote the introduction.

Global Labour History first hit the ground in India and Brazil and somewhat later in South Africa. Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and England, Engeland are now taking an interest. Earlier, the German on-line open-access journal Sozial.Geschichte Online/ Social History Online dedicated its October 2012 issue to the IISH Global Labour History approach.

The Central European University in Budapest will start a global labour history program soon. In Italy, together with other scholars, Christian De Vito has promoted the foundation of the Società Italiana di Storia del Lavoro (SISLAV) in 2012. Besides, De Vito published Global Labour History. La storia del lavoro al tempo della globalizzazione (2012).

In the US the global approach is opened up by a debate on Van der Lindens 'Manifesto' entitled “The Promise and Challenges of Global Labor History” in the journal International Labor and Working-Class History (New York). It will appear within the next few days.

18 January 2013