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IRSH accessible via publishing platform Cambridge Core

Last week the publisher of the International Review of Social History (IRSH), Cambridge University Press (CUP), launched its new publishing platform Cambridge Core.
It features over 30,000 ebooks and 360 journals, including IRSH.

The latest issue of IRSH (vol 61 nr 2) for the first time contains an article published in open access: Peter van Dam, “Moralizing Postcolonial Consumer Society: Fair Trade in the Netherlands, 1964–1997”.
Through the lens of the history of fair trade activism in Netherlands the author explores how citizens in the global North grappled to position themselves in a postcolonial consumer society, and how attempts at transforming the global market were inextricably interwoven with visions of a postcolonial order.

As from this year, all IRSH content from 1998 onward is available in open access with an embargo of 24 months after initial publication.

Other articles in issue 61:2 are:

  • Ju Li, “Victory and Defeat: The Contentious Politics of One Generation of State Workers in China since the 1960s”
  • Brian Shaev, “Workers’ Politics, the Communist Challenge, and the Schuman Plan: A Comparative History of the French Socialist and German Social Democratic Parties and the First Treaty for European Integration”
  • Evan Smith, “National Liberation for Whom? The Postcolonial Question, the Communist Party of Great Britain, and the Party’s African and Caribbean Membership”
  • Jan Lucassen, “Review Essay - The Relevance of Monetary History and Numismatics for Social and Economic History: The Case of East Asia”
14 September 2016