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New TSEG: The Agro-Food Chain

Five case studies in the latest issue of TSEG (vol 13, 2016, no 4) unravel and analyse the connections and interdependencies between economic actors, knowledge institutions and the State in the agro-food chain.
For instance, Marijn Molena examines the early years of the Friesian Dairy School and offers a case study of how knowledge institutions were integrated into a regional economic cluster.

All Review Articles of TSEG vol 13 no 4:

  • Fernando Collantes, Places in Common: Exploring the Economic Geography of the Food System through the Case of Spain's Dairy Chain (1950s-Present)
  • Ramon Ramon-Muñoz, The Growth of an Agribusiness Cluster in Catalonia: Evidence from the Olive Oil Industry
  • Marijn Molema, Lessons Learned: Organizing Knowledge in the Friesian Dairy Cluster (c. 1885-1904)
  • Yves Segers, Economic Clusters, Knowledge Networks and Globalization: Fruit Growing in Dutch Limburg, 1850-1940
  • Lars Nyström, A Take-Off from the Land. Agriculture and Social Networks in the Making of Kvanum as an Industrial District, 1930-2007

Freia Dairy Mill in Veenwouden, Friesland, rebuilt in Arnhem Open-Air Museum


21 February 2017