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International Avant-Garde

1 January 1927
ZK 17173

'The international review i 10 will be an organ containing all kinds of expressions of the modern mind', according to the first issue of 1 January 1927. This publication was a platform for the De Stijl, Bauhaus, and Dada movements, as well as for anarchism and Marxism. Mondriaan and Kandinsky were contributors from the very beginning. In this first issue, Mondriaan pleaded for a new esthetics in urban development that would be based on the 'pure relationship of pure line and pure colour', and on a balanced contrast between constructions, buildings, and empty space. A small public green square did not fit with Mondriaan's vision of the 'earthly paradise'.
The founder and chief editor of i 10 was historian and writer Arthur Lehning, who for many years was a staff member of the IISH. Lehning died on New Years' day 2000, at the age of one hundred.