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Today in Labour History

30 September 1894
Source: BG H13/34

No Meat, Fish or Poultry

The Dutch League of Vegetarians was founded on 30 September 1894 by A. Verschoor . He had met Dr T.L. Allinson, a physician and the inventor of the well-known health bread. Verschoor felt inspired to establish a vegetarian association. He published a pamphlet Een bond voor vegetariërs [A league for vegetarians] about vegetarianism on hygienic and ethical grounds. At the end of the leaflet a form was included: 'The undersigned affirms that he/she has kept to a vegetarian diet (comprising vegetable products with or without the addition of eggs, milk, butter and cheese but excluding all meat, fish and poultry), for ... year/months. [...]'

More info: The lending library of the Nederlandse Vegetariërsbond (Web presentation)