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Greensboro Four

1 February 1960
A&T Four Statue, Greensboro N.C.
photo 'Cewatkin', Wikimedia Commons

'Apart from its textile and furniture industry, Greensboro (North-Carolina) was above all known as the home of the predominantly black Agricultural & Technical College. In the late afternoon of 1 February 1960, four young black college students decided to go to the downtown Woolworth store and to sit down at the lunch counter reserved for white customers only...None of the four students was particularly radical or even unconventional...As expected, the four black students were not served. They remained sitting until the store closed...The next day, more than 30 black students sat down at the Thursday saw hundreds of black students...'' Sit-in demonstrations then spread beyond state borders and the civil rights movement in the South gained momentum.

From Gerd-Rainer Horn, The Spirit of '68. Rebellion in Western Europe and North America 1956-1976 (Oxford 2007) Call no 2008/1940