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8 October 1914
First Royal Naval Brigade in Groningen, October 1914

Timbertown Groningen

Soldiers from the British First Royal Naval Brigade engaged in the defense of Antwerp inadvertently ended up on Dutch territory on 8 October 1914. As a neutral country, the Dutch government was obliged by law to detain soldiers of belligerent nations. These 1600 British military men were housed in barracks in Groningen. They called it Timbertown.
The British enriched the cultural experience of the inhabitants of Groningen with their marches accompanied by pipers and brass bands and by performances of the "Timbertown Follies" in the city theatre. The RNB soccer team took the field against "Be Quick" from Groningen.

More info: 'Het Engelse Kamp in Groningen' by Menno Wielinga, Royal Naval Brigade, Groningen, Web Presentation IISH