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1 October 1883
Jacqueline Ricket, 1883
Source: AB L13/42

Colonial Exhibition

The first 'International Colonial and Export Exhibition', a type of World Fair, was held in Amsterdam from May 1 until October 1, 1883 adjacent to the Rijksmuseum. A few Surinamese were presented at the exhibition, including mrs Jacqueline Ricket and her little daughter Lina. They were photographed and 'documented for scholarly research' by Roland Bonaparte, a second cousin of Napoleon. From the beginning of their presence in Surinam in 1667, the Dutch colonized it and built plantations, for which the West-Indische Compagnie brought slaves from Africa. Jacqueline Ricket was born as a slave in 1861 at 'Paradise' Plantation in the province of Nickerie. She and her mother Paulina, a field worker, were emancipated in 1863. In the 1880's Jacqueline was a fruit vendor in Paramaribo.

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