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The Reichstag Burns

27 February 1933
BG A57/569

In February 1933, shortly after Hitler came to power, the unemployed Dutch council communist Rinus van der Lubbe went to Berlin for a couple of weeks. On 25 February he committed arson in a centre for the unemployed, in the town hall, and in the imperial palace. These small fires were nipped in the bud. On Monday night, 27 February, he broke into the Reichstag building to try once again. This time Van der Lubbe was successful, and the Reichstag fire was a fact. Mystification started immediately. This photo shows the place where Van der Lubbe broke into the building. It was made on 27 February 2000, as the Dutch 'Foundation Give Marinus Van der Lubbe a Grave' vainly tried to have a commemorative stone placed in the Reichstag.