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International Women's Day in Russia

8 March 1931
International Women's Day 2017
IISG BG E5/589

Childcare, canteens and laundries enable women to participate fully in the construction of socialism.

For nearly a century now, International Women's Day, on March 8, is a special day in the Soviet Union. The tumultuous meetings in honor of March 8 would mark the beginning of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The Bolsheviks wanted to free women from the constraints of family so that they could develop themselves and could help build socialism. There ought to be communityfacilities for care tasks: laundries, collective kitchens and childcare.

In 2017 socialism is nearly gone, but March 8 is still celebrated in Russia (and elsewhere in the world). Congratulations to all the women in Russia and abroad, of the International Institute of Social History!