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Au Pair of the Year

14 March 2012

The Au Pair of the Year 2012 award was given to Birte Klusmann, a German native hosted by an American family in Budapest on 14 March 2012. A year before, the Citizen's Rights and Constitutional Affairs Department of the European Parliament issued a report Abused Domestic Workers in Europe: The case of au pairs.  Its conclusion: 'Immigration restrictions in many EU Member States exclude the possibility of legal labour immigration for domestic and care workers, which makes the au pair schemes one of very few options of legal immigration – and a precarious one too. Their immigration status linked to their host family, working conditions and their vulnerable situation as a domestic worker are open to abuse without sufficient protection of the au pair. The schemes are often characterised by low remuneration, exclusion from labour protection, an obligation to live-in and a structural dependency of the employer/host family. The au pair is invisible in national statistics concerning labour mobility.'