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Today in Labour History

2 October 1989
Source: Bundesarchiv 183-1989-1023-022 on WIkimedia Commons

We Are the People

A  weekly 'Monday demonstration' was held on 2 October 1989 in Leipzig,  German Democratic Republic, with up to 20,000 participants. The slogans included: Freedom, equality, brotherhood, We’re staying hereGorbi, Gorbi. In the end the Volkspolizei intervened. People were injured and twenty were arrested. One of the demonstrators, Martin Jankowski, remembered that the slogan We are the People (Wir sind das Volk) was heard for the first time in Leipzig at that point: 'As the police turned on the loudspeaker and announced This is the Volkspolizei ( People's Police) speaking, the crowd answered, WE are the People!'

From: Chronik der Mauer

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