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Ukaze on a Rag

18 July 1922
Sneevliet Papers nr. 239

The Communist International (Comintern) in Moscow issued the order that the Chinese Communist Party should move from Shanghai to Canton. This order, dated 18 July 1922, aimed to stimulate cooperation of the communists with the southern based "bourgeois" Revolutionaries, later to be the Kuomintang. The ukaze was typed on a scrap of textile and traveled along the Siberian route towards China, hidden in the clothes of Comintern agent Henk Sneevliet, alias Philipp, alias Maring (1883-1942). The Chinese communists were accountable to him in all respects. Since July 1922, the ChCP was officially the Chinese section of the Comintern, and the Comintern had decided that China was not ready for communism yet.