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Slave Uprising Curaçao

17 August 1795
Monument in commemoration of the slavery uprising, Curaçao

The Dutch colony Curaçao was one of the largest slave depots in the Caribbean, but relatively few slaves remained at the island to work on its plantations. On 17 August 1795 a legendary slave uprising began on the Knip plantation under the leadership of Tula. Tula had heard of the revolution in Haiti (1791) that had resulted in freedom for the enslaved. Over a thousand slaves across Curaçao  joined in the revolt that lasted several weeks. Tula was betrayed, captured, tortured and executed. August 17 is still celebrated in Curaçao. A monument in commemoration of Tula is located near the Holiday Beach Hotel on the south coast.

Read more? Karwan Fatah-Black, Orangism, Patriotism, and Slavery in Curaçao'in IRSH Special issue 21 (2013) Mutiny and Maritime Radicalism in the Age of Revolution