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Rosa Luxemburg Botanizing

15 October 1918
Verbascum lychnitis (white mullein)
Archiwum Akt Nowych, Warsaw, (copy in IISH, Rosa Luxemburg Papers inv nr. 27)

Rosa Luxemburg, imprisoned in the Breslau penitentiary, was able to continue working on her herbarium. Her secretary Mathilde Jacob, the only one able to visit her in prison, brought along the plants. "I can botanize once again, this is my favourite occupation and best way to relax. Since May 1913 I have pasted in about 250 plants, all beautifully dehydrated. . . ." The last dated item in Luxemburg's herbarium is verbascum lychnitis or white mullein from 15 October 1918. Three months later Rosa Luxemburg was murdered.

Rosa Luxemburg, Herbarium/Zielnik (Krakow 2012) IISH Call no 2012/2945