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'A Miscarriage of Justice'

6 December 1895

In the early night of 6 December 1895 three burglars broke into a Frisian farmhouse to steal money. The farmhand woke up and tried to stop them. During the fight the burglars fired their revolver and on the run they had to leave their dark lantern behind. Three socialists, the brothers Wiebren, Keimpe and Marten Hogerhuis were arrested.
There was convincing evidence that revolver nor lantern had ever been touched by a Hogerhuis. But judicial authorities failed to acknowledge all discharging statements and proof. The Hogerhuis brothers were jailed for years. Socialists spoke of class justice and the young lawyer Pieter Jelles Troelstra perceived 'a miscarriage of Justice'. The Hogerhuis affair has been called the Dutch Dreyfus affair.