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Marx as a Party-Game

18 December 1981
BG H 12/415

Traditionally during the long winter nights of December, home-loving families in the Low Countries play party-games. During the '70 and '80's, a series of new games treating hunger, the Third World and likewise themes was launched. One of these, 'Marx erger je niet' hints at 'Mens erger je niet' (Don't get frustrated, Man! ), the Dutch name for 'Ludo' and 'Trouble or Frustration'.

This is a strategy game about 'the evolution of simple exchange of goods towards the capitalist system of production and the central position of surplus value in the analysis of the capitalist system'. In this extremely complcated and irritable game the player is constantly thrown back. 'To whom has no cooking utensils: the next two times you arrive at a 'working day' spot, during ten hours of working time you will produce as if you've worked eight hours only.'