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27 December 1958
BG A57/880

A reunion of old friends at a meeting of the Argentinian Federación Libertaria on 27 December 1958. The Italian Luce Fabbri, the German Augustin Souchy and the Spaniard Diego Abad de Santillan share memories of clandestinity and repression due to their anarchist ideas and activities during the Spanish Civil War.
Host Diego Abad de Santillan (1897-1983) was a leading person in both the Spanish and Argentine anarchist movement. Luce Fabbri (1908-2000) was forced to leave her country of birth in the fascist period and spent most of her life as a professor of Italian literature in Uruguay. Augustin Souchy (1892-1984) left Germany as a conscientious objector and went to Sweden in 1915, thereafter he lived in Spain and South America.