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(De)construction Site

25 June 1975
Samora Machel visits the Cahora Bassa Dam, 1975

The socialist leader Samora Machel became the first president of independent Mozambique on 25 June 1975. In his 'state of the union' adress he proclaimed Mozambique 'a state of People's Democracy, in which, under the leadership of the worker-peasant alliance, all patriotic strata commit themselves to the destruction of the sequels of colonialism.'

Prior to this transfer of power Samora Machel visited the construction site of the Cahora Bassa Dam near Songo. During its construction in the 1970s, the dam site was repeatedly attacked without success by Machels own FRELIMO guerrilla insurgents in an attempt to sabotage the project of the Portuguese colonial government.  The photo shows Machel being shown around by a Portuguese engineer. Only in 2007 Mozambique assumed complete control of the dam from Portugal.