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Slavery in 2014

26 November 2014
Walk Free Foundation Website

Some findings from the Global Slavery Index (November 2014) of the Walk Free Foundation:

  • The west African nation of Mauritania has the highest proportion of people in modern slavery at 4% of its population, followed by Uzbekistan (3.97%), Haiti (2.3%), Qatar (1.36%), and India (1.14%).
  • Countries with the largest estimated numbers of people in modern slavery are: India, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Taken together, these countries account for 71 percent of the estimated 35.8 million people in modern slavery.'

The Walk Free Foundation’s mission is to end modern slavery by mobilising a global activist movement, generating the highest quality research, enlisting business and working with government to drive change in those countries and industries bearing the greatest responsibility for slavery today.