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Today in Labour History

20 February 2007
India 1997, foto Ravi Agarwal

World Day of Social Justice

Since 2007, the United Nations celebrate the International Day of Social Justice on February 20. The day focuses on a world where social INjustice and major differences between rich and poor are the order of the day. In such a world, it is important that an archival institution exists, that documents the situation of the oppressed groups and social movements and keeps their history. All these collections together form the object of scientific research. Together with digital databases, such as Clio-Infra, a collection of databases that maps social inequality worldwide, they are the source for the IISH research. This research focuses on social and economic developments in the world since 1500. More about IISH Research

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Past week

19 February 1997

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Working on a Berry Farm, California 1910
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