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"The Role of Labour in Post-Cultural Revolution Chinese Art" [Event]
The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and China: three countries where posters played an important political role and received a large amount of artistic attention. This is a selection of 145 political... [Exhibition]
Two porters below and ten cash coins above, suggesting monetary payment for merchandise and its transportation, as shown on a sheet of “exchange media”, a form of paper currency with a value of no... [Collection item]
 Wuzhu coins were first issued in 118 BCE, and were eventually declared obsolete in 621 CE. The inscription consists of two characters: wu (meaning "five") to the right of the square hole; zhu (... [Collection item]
 Three pairs of buyers and sellers on a market place, situated near a town gate (the building to the right with a drum pending in the upper part) and an open kitchen-diner (left). Tile from a tomb in... [Collection item]
Our honorary fellow Prof. Dr. Christine Moll-Murata has published her new monograph State and Crafts in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in the new IISH book series Social History of Work in Asia,... [News]
Exhibition in Beijing showcasing original Marx documents from the IISH receives 2 million visitors.To mark the bicentenary of his birth on May 5, 1818, the National Museum of China in Beijing hosted... [News]
Op 28 november opent het Nong Jiang Suo Institute-Museum in Guangzhou een tentoonstelling over het leven van Henk Sneevliet.Centraal in de tentoonstelling staan onder meer de belangrijke rol die... [News]
On the 20th of October Professor Liang Hong, president of the Guangxi Normal University and IISH director Henk Wals signed a Memorandum of Understanding.  In this Memorandum they agree to cooperate... [News]