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Joseph Luden

Among the early Jewish immigrants in Palestine, there were many anarchists and libertarian socialists, but they had not been organized until the 1940s. In 1950 an anarchist group was formed in Tel Aviv by immigrants from Poland. In 1958, when Abba Gordin, a well-known Jewish anarchist moved from the U.S.A. to Israel, he founded a bilingual journal, Problemen/Problemot in Yiddish and Hebrew.
After his death in 1964, the journal was edited by Shmuel Abarbanel, and in 1971 Joseph Luden became the editor. The journal was then published only in Yiddish and was subsidized by the comrades in the U.S.A. and Argentina.

In spite of continued financial problems and a dwindling number of readers, Luden managed to keep the journal alive until 1991. Then the last Yiddish anarchist journal in the world ceased to exist.

There are only two Yiddish letters among the papers Luden sent to the IISH in 1991.
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