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Marx's Capital. An Unfinishable Project?

On May 5 Marx's Capital: An Unfinishable Project? was published.

In 2013 the ‘Abteilung II’ of the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe (MEGA2) was finalized, including all the known economic writings of Marx and Engels.

The publication of these writings allows the lines of intellectual development to be reconstructed more accurately, and one can also explore in detail how Friedrich Engels went about compiling volumes 2 and 3 of Capital from the vast legacy of manuscripts that Marx left behind after his death in 1883. It should be possible, now, to finally put to rest a number of misconceptions and to develop a more comprehensive and accurate picture of Marx as an economic theoretician. This volume of twelve essays aims to initiate this process, building on earlier initiatives in previous years. The present essays combine studies by Marxologists who have worked on the MEGA2 project with those by scholars versed in Marx’s critique of political economy.

Historical Materialism Book Series, Volume: 159

Marcel M. van der Linden and Gerald Hubmann

Publication Date: 
3 May 2018


18 May 2018