Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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n an external peer review, the IISH was evaluated as 'very good' and its research as 'very good to excellent'. A more extensive merger with the Netherlands Economic History Archive was approved. The... [Annual report]
In 2003 the Institute was forced to reduce spending after years of declining basic revenues, and we had to let several valued colleagues go. At the same time, third-party funding enabled us to start... [Annual report]
In 2002 the Institute probably had the most paradoxic financial year in its history: while we raised more incidental grants than ever before and increased our total turnover by 28 percent to ca. € 7.... [Annual report]
For the Institute, 2001 was in many respects a fruitful and successful year. Our collection development policy, with its increased attention to countries outside Western Europe, is clearly gathering... [Annual report]
In 2000 the Institute implemented the changes to its organizational structure that had been announced in 1999 and drafted a new medium-term policy paper for the years ahead. We were fortunate to... [Annual report]
In 1999 the Institute made significant changes to its organizational structure in order better to cope with new opportunities and restraints. We were happy to receive a number of important archival... [Annual report]
In 1998 the Institute attained many of its aims for the years 1997-2000. Our new collection development plan in Asia gathered momentum. The number of visitors to our Web site increased spectacularly... [Annual report]
In 1997 the Institute greatly increased its presence on the Internet, with satisfactory results. We expanded our international service with a number of network  utilities. Once again, access to the... [Annual report]
In 1996 the Institute significantly improved access to its holdings in both qualitative and quantitative respects. The Internet multiplied the number of users. We received several fascinating... [Annual report]
The IISH was reasonably successful during the 60th year of its existence. The international committee appointed by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) to assess the Institute's... [Annual report]