Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The year 1988 was a very busy and productive one for the Institute. It proved possible to realize many of the plans made before and shortly after thereorganization of the Institute. In addition to... [Annual report]
In 1989 the Institute was able to reap many of the results of the harvest sown in the preceding years. For a start, the Institute moved to the rapidly changingEastern Docks redevelopment area of... [Annual report]
When Peter Schumacher was still correspondent in Asia he visited Cambodia in 1973 and 1974 from Hong Kong where he was based. These visits resulted in stories on the war for the Dutch progressive... [Blog post]
The so called Archivematica Camp is an informal and highly informative three day conference that is organized by Artefactual – the company behind Archivematica. Goal of the camps are described as... [Blog post]
Songkran or Thai New Year (April 13-15) is the most important festival/holiday in Thailand and a festival rich with traditions a.o. merit making and offering food to monks, paying reverence to elders... [Blog post]
Poster from Laos, produced by the Editions du Neo Lao Haksat (Lao Patriotic Front) to celebrate the 2000th U.S. plane shot down over Laos, in the period from 1964 until 1971.An interesting feat in... [Blog post]
Recently, while going through yet to be processed posters from diffferent Asian countries, we stumbled upon this little gem.Although the subject of the poster is clear: 'Long live the labour code to... [Blog post]
 Yesterday (30-11-2017) the first International Digital Preservation Day (#IDPD17) took place. This initiative of the British Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), and born at a session of IPRES 2016... [Blog post]
'Vrouwen, vooral voor ons is het nodig dat we leren inzien dat de strijd is buiten onze kleine kring, onze huishouding' De West-Friese arbeidersvrouw Trien de Haan-Zwagerman (1891-1986) is al ver in... [Blog post]
At the beginning of 2017 the IISH decided to use Archivematica as a central system for long term preservation of its digital collections. This decision was made after a thorough comparison between... [Blog post]