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After having announced last September the availability of the Michael Bedford Collection, it is now time to announce the same for the Michael Bedford Papers.Information on the collection (Summary,... [Blog post]
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Then the next day we got a postcard from 1993 (see below)It's a postcard to mobilise for the drafting of a new Constitution in 1993. After the May 1992 protests against the military government of... [Blog post]
A nice surprise from last thursday. A friend handed us a 2015 calender on the '10 Year Crisis of Thai Politics [2548-2558]', anonymously published and distributed during an alternative new year... [Blog post]
Gevochten, dat  heeft Will Thorne zeker,  niet alleen om te overleven maar ook als vakbondsman. Dit boek, een van de eerste echte autobiografieën vanuit het perspectief van iemand afkomstig uit de... [Blog post]
Alfredo Menéndez-Navarro, Professor of the History of Science at Granada University, is the author of a richly illustrated publication presenting historical posters from various European Countries.... [Blog post]
De man die geen biografie wou, heeft er zes jaar na zijn dood toch een gekregen. Nooit op de knieën: Marcus Bakker 1923-2009, communist en parlementariër, geschreven door Leo Molenaar en uitgebracht... [Blog post]
De tentoonstelling Signs of Solidarity: the Dutch against Apartheid staat op dit moment in het Castle of Good Hope museum in Kaapstad. De opening werd op 11 februari verricht door de Nederlandse... [Blog post]
Probably the most complex archives digitized within the Centrale-project are those of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.These archive are precious and famous, and used intensively by highly specialized... [Blog post]
is one of the new names of what formerly were known as the DOC or documentation collections (DOC Thailand in this case) The Asia Department with support of Collection Processing has started to make... [Blog post]