Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

The Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN)

The HSN offers a representative sample of about 85,500 people born in the Netherlands during the period 1812-1922. The HSN-database containing individual life-courses is a unique tool for research in Dutch history and demography.



WieWasWie and LINKS linked

The links between marriage certificates produced by the HSN LINKS project are now available on the website of WieWasWie. For more information click here.

Annual Report

The HSN Annual Report 2017 is now available (PDF).

Occupational titles

Release 2018.01 of the HSN standardized, HISCO-coded and classified occupational titles (HISCLASS, HISCAM, SOCPO and OCC1950) is now available.

Annual Report

The HSN Annual Report 2016 is now available (PDF).

Kick off GIANTS project

At the 7th of September, the kick off of the GIANTS project took place at IISG. In this project, fully entitled ‘Giants of the modern world. A new history of heights and health in The Netherlands, 1811-1940’, the height of a subsample from HSN Research Persons (males) will be recorded from the recruitment registers. For more information about GIANTS use this link.



News archive

Older news can be found in the news archive.


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