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Argentinian Anarchist Newspapers

The collection of Latin American Anarchist Newspapers contains almost a thousand journals, mostly collected by Max Nettlau (1865-1944), one of the great collectors of historical material on anarchism.
The Argentinian collection is by far the most extensive, with 413 periodicals, alongside journals from Mexico (146), Brazil (139), Uruguay (98), and Chile (73).
It is included in the Online Publication "Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals" by Brill Publishers, Leyden.

Anarchists groups considered the dissemination of libertarian ideology a powerful tool for mobilizing the working class.
They organized study groups, promoted debate, and went to great efforts to produce journals and propaganda material.
Those journals published articles from well-known European thinkers, debates on political ideas, and information about important issues for workers, such as labour organization, strikes, and the lack of labour rights in Argentina.
Anarchist propaganda used a straightforward language, trying to disseminate libertarian ideas in a way that everyone could understand, thereby attracting the sympathy of workers.

Read the research article by Leticia Fernandes Rodrigues Da Silva on anarchist iconography and the satirical drawings in these periodicals (attached as a PDF).

The names of some journals clearly targeted the masses: Acción Obrera, La Voz del Campesino, L’amico del popolo, Solidaridad Obrera, and Tribuna Proletaria.

Read more about Anarchism in Argentina and its protagonist Pietro Gori or read the full text with a focus on satirical drawings (attached as PDF).

Poster in support of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1927, BG E27/200

This Collection Highlight was created by Leticia Fernandes Rodrigues da Silva (Reinwardt Academie). Thanks are due to Lucas Poy for his contribution.

28 december 2015