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Dimensions of Socialism

18 november 2010 t/m 19 november 2010

Workshop Program „Dimensions of Socialism“

1. Politics & Power I: State, Society, Individual

Todor Hristov (The University of Sofia, todor_hristov@gbg.bg ): Tyranny, Ideology, and the Constitution of Socialist Subjects
Žiga Koncilija (Institute for Contemporary History, Slovenia, ziga.koncilija@inz.si): Main Characteristics of the Judicial System as Main Tool of Repression in Slovenia between 1945 and 1951.
Libora Oates-Indruchová (paper only, Charles University Prague, libora@policy.hu): Censorship and Self-censorship in Social Sciences During State Socialism

2. Politics & Power II: Policies and Strategies
Kata Bohus (Central European University Budapest, bohus_kata@ceu-budapest.edu): The Hungarian Socialist State and the „Jewish Question“ (1956-1960). Interdependencies and Discrepancies between Foreign and Domestic Policies.
Gerben Zaagsma (University College London, g.zaagsma@ucl.ac.uk): Transnational Dimensions of Jewish Political Practices in Western Europe before World War II
Sarah Graber Majchrzak (Berlin, salegria@gmx.ch): „In the Same Boat“ despite the Iron Curtain? Labor Relations and Structural Change in the 1970s and 1980s in the Wharves of Western and Eastern Europe

3. Culture & Leisure: Urban Space and Planning
Jonathan Howlett (University of Bristol, Jon.Howlett@bristol.ac.uk): From „Imperialist Stronghold“ to Socialist City: Shanghai 1949-1954
Tobias Zervosen (Berlin, tobias.zervosen@gta.arch.ethz.ch): Explaining the GDR„s Architectural History Against the Background of Social and Political History Daniela Schmol (University of Jena, daniela.schmohl@uni-jena.de): Communal Construction in the Weimar Republic

4. Parties & Movements I: Solidarity and Transnationalism
Talbot Imlay (Université Laval, Québec, Talbot.Imlay@hst.ulaval.ca): The Practice of Socialist Internationalism During the 20th Century
Kasper Braskén (Åbo Akademi University, Finland, kasperbra@mac.com): The Revival of International Solidarity: The Internationale Arbeiterhilfe (IAH), Willi Münzenberg, and Comintern in Weimar Germany, 1921–1933
Tim Wätzold (timwausr@hotmail.com): The Influence of European Immigrants in the Developing Labour Movements and Trade Unions in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile from 1880 until 1930

5. Parties & Movements II: War and Revolution

Mitja Sunčič (Institute for Contemporary History Ljubljana, MitjaS@inz.si): Some Aspects of the Communist Revolution in Yugoslavia Gleb J. Albert (Bielefeld University, gleb.albert@uni-bielefeld.de): Enacting World Revolution at Home. Discourses and Practices of Revolutionary Internationalism in Early Soviet Society Nicolas Lépine (University of Laval, Québec, n.lepine@gmail.com): International Socialism and the Spanish Civil War

6. Parties & Movements III: Socialism and European Integration

Matthew Broad (University of Reading, c/o christian.salm@port.ac.uk) Joining Europe? British and Danish Socialists and the Road to the EC‟s First Enlargement Christian Salm (University of Portsmouth, christian.salm@port.ac.uk): Regional or Global? Socialist Party Networks in EC Development Policy
Brian Shaev (University of Pittsburgh, bcs20@pitt.edu): A “Socialist United States of Europe”? The French Socialist Party and Initiatives for European Integration, 1943-1957 

7. Ideas & Programs I: Socialist Theories and Practices

C. Alexander McKinley (St. Ambrose University, mckinleycharlesa@sau.edu): Georges Sorel and the Ethics of Production Jakub Benes (University of California, Davis, jsbenes@ucdavis.edu): Competing Narratives and Clashing Utopias: A New Perspective on Nationalism in the Austrian Social Democratic Party, 1889-1914
Giovanni Bernardini (University of Padova, giovanni.bernardini@unipd.it): A “New” Social Democracy? The SPD and the International Debate on the Economic Crisis of the 1970s

8. Ideas & Programs II: Radical, Fringe, and Obscure
Moshe Maggid (University of Jerusalem, moshe.maggid@mail.huji.ac.il): The Worse It Gets, the Better It Is. Teaching Anarchism to the Masses: The Warheit
James Mark Shields (Bucknell University, james.shields@bucknell.edu): Confessions of a Japanese Opiate-Eater. Seno‟o Girō and the Legacy of Buddhist Socialism in Postwar Japan
Jacco Pekelder (Universiteit Utrecht, j.pekelder@uu.nl): “Umfeld”: Germany‟s Leftwing Radicals and the Red Army Faction 1970-1980

9. Ideas & Programs III: Health and Science
Neula Kerr-Boyle (University College London, n.kerr-boyle@ucl.ac.uk): Socialist Bodies: Fighting Fat in the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1989 Dominique Behnke (University of Vienna, Austria, dominique.behnke@univie.ac.at): Ageing and Socialism: The Establishment of Gerontology as a Scientific Specialty in the German Democratic Republic

10. Ideas & Programs IV: 1989/91 and Beyond
Andreas Fagerholm (Åbo Akademi University Vaasa, andreas.fagerholm@abo.fi): The West European Radical Left and the Collapse of “Real Socialism”: A Comparative Examination Joseph Maslen (University of Manchester, joseph.maslen@manchester.ac.uk): The Emotional Ambivalence of Left-Wing Life Stories in Twentieth-Century Britain
Evan Smith (paper only, Flinders University, smit0694@flinders.edu.au): Neither Forwards nor Backwards, but Sideways: British Marxism and the End of the Soviet Union (in absence)

11. Biographies & Narratives I: Experience and Engagement

Agnès Arp (Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, apilleularp@gmx.de): Workplace and Utopia: Life Trajectories of Maoists in Germany and France Ondrej Matejka (Geneva University/Charles University, matekja5@etu.unige.ch): “We are the Generation that will Construct Socialism:” The Czech 68ers between Manifest Destiny and Mark of Cain
Christina Morina (Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, c.morina@uni-jena.de): The Trouble with Reality: Cognition and World View in the Life and Work of Leading Marxists (1871-1918) Shakar Rahav (Haifa University, shakhar@research.haifa.ac.il): Constructing Collective Utopias: From Russia to Asia

12. Biographies & Narratives II: Narrating (Personal) History
Enrico Zanette (Frankfurt am Main/Bologna, enrico.zanette@gmail.com): Struggling Auto-Biographies. Self-narration Practices in Early Socialism Günther Sandner (University of Vienna, guenther.sandner@univie.ac.at): Socialist, Neo-Positivist, and Social Engineer: The Case of Otto Neurath (1882-1945) Florin Poenaru (Central European University, Budapest, poenaru_florin@ceu-budapest.edu): Writing the Past of Socialism: An Analysis of the “Truth Commissions” in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
Olga Sezneva (Universiteit van Amsterdam, o.sezneva@uva.nl): Architecture of Descent: Urban Development, Historical Reconstruction, and the Politics of Belonging in Kaliningrad, the Former Königsberg