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Maddison Memorial Conference

6 november 2010 t/m 7 november 2010

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Session One: Measuring comparative performance in historical perspective
(chair: Herman de Jong)
• Leandro Prados: Assessing the Bias in Spliced GDP Series: Evidence from
Spain’s National Accounts, 1954-2000
• Debin Ma: Asian Historical National Accounts: Issues and Agenda
• Herman de Jong and Pieter Woltjer: Output and productivity measurement
in a US/UK comparison 1900-1950; reconciling sectoral benchmarks and
time series

Session Two: Recent developments in price and PPP measurement
(chair: Bart van Ark)
• Robert J. Gordon: Issues in price measurement in U.S. economic growth during the
early 20th century.
• Alan Heston: The Flaw of One Price; Reflections on the ICP
• Marcel Timmer: The Future of ICOP and Penn World Tables
Memorial dinner in honour of Angus Maddison – in presence of Maddison family

Session Three: Economic Growth During Ancient Times
(chair: Jan Luiten van Zanden)
• Branko Milanovic: Income Level and Income Inequality in the Euro-Mediterranean
region from Principate to Islamic Conquest
• Peter Foldvari and Bas van Leeuwen: Comparing per capita income in the Hellenistic
world: The case of Mesopotamia
• Willem M. Jongman: How bad is too bad? Measuring economic performance when the
data seem really bad
Keynote speech: Stephen Broadberry

Session Four: Global Growth in Current Times (chair: Bart van Ark)
• Andre Hofman: Latin America’s Bicentenary: Long run performance in an international
comparative perspective, 1500-2010
• Kyoji Fukao: Revisiting Accumulation and Assimilation: New Evidence on the Role of
Productivity and Capital Accumulation in Asia in Historical Perspective.
• Bart van Ark: How Unique are Current Times? What Can Two Millennia of GDP Data
Tell Us About the Future?
Keynote speech: Eddy Szirmai