Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Door de tijd heen hebben migranten in Nederland duizenden organisaties opgericht om hun belangen te verdedigen, hun religieuze leven vorm te geven, hun maatschappelijke welzijn te verhogen, hun... [Project]
Het Historisch Beeldarchief Migranten (HBM) richt zich op het aanleggen van een representatieve beeldcollectie van de geschiedenis van migranten in Nederland. Het is ondergebracht bij het... [Project]
To fully understand the causes and effects of migration and settlement processes in the current globalising world, a long timeframe and a global perspective are essential. Historical migration... [Project]
Domestic and caregiving work has been at the core of human existence throughout history. Poorly paid or even unpaid, this work has been assigned to women in most societes and occasionally to men... [Publication]
Memories of Belonging is a three-generation oral-history study of the offspring of southern Italians who migrated to Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1913.Supplemented with the interviewees’ private... [Publication]
In today’s Europe, migrant domestic workers are indispensable in supporting many households which, without their employment, would lack sufficient domestic and care labour.Black Girls collects and... [Publication]
In 2010 Jan Lucassen and Leo Lucassen published the IISH Research Paper The mobility transition in Europe revisited, 1500-1900. Sources and methods with the data on which they based their... [Publication]
Globalising Migration History is a major step forward in comparative global migration history. Looking at the period 1500-2000 it presents a new universal method to quantify and qualify cross-... [Publication]
This volume offers a pan-European survey of migration and settlement issues that encompasses Switzerland, Prussia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain. It explores how the conception of belonging... [Publication]
In Migration and Membership Regimes editors Ulbe Bosma, Gijs Kessler and Leo Lucassen bring together ten essays in an analytical framework which looks beyond the Transatlantic migration of the... [Publication]