Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations


Procession in  Naples by  Franz Richard Unterberger (c 1850)
A Brazilian Family with Slaves, painting by  Jean-Baptiste Debret c 1830
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

A selection of highlights, collection presentations, image galleries, and exhibitions from the collections of IISH, NEHA and Dutch Press Museum.

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Deserters and GI's during the Vietnam War
The U.S. waged war in Indochina, especially in Vietnam in the sixties. In the years round 1970 the anti-war movement was at...
Musicians' Union
The Koninklijke Nederlandse Toonkunstenaars Vereniging (KNTV) (Royal Dutch Musicians' Association) was founded in 1875 and...
Henri Wiessing, Journalist and Communist without a Party
In spring 2014 the Institute received a beautiful and extensive addition to the papers of H.P.L. (Henri) Wiessing. Wiessing...