Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

New Institute Style

As of November 2011, the International Institute of Social History has adopted a new style. The Institute's sizeable collection of visual documents is central in the new design.

The abbreviation IISG in the logo is replaced by the full name of the Institute. The frame of the logo is associated with:

  • the contents of an archive
  • protecting and collecting documents
  • references to text documents
  • the focus

Erik Jan Zürcher, director of the Institute: "The old logo had great sentimental value for the institute and a high rate of recognition among the circles traditionally associated with the institute, but we feel that a more contemporary style, together with the use of the full name (International Institute of Social History) rather than the consistently mispronounced acronym (IISG) will help us to become better known among a wider audience."

All correspondence materials and social media accounts of the Institute will be in the new style as of November 2011. The launch of the new website is scheduled for the beginning of 2012.

The new style was designed by Thonik.

21 November 2011