Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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Commodity Frontiers and Global Capitalist Expansion: Social, Ecological and Resource Policy Implications4th International Workshop, 6-7 December 2017Abstract Submission: 18 May 2017Zayed University,... [Event]
17.00 pmSadighi 8th Annual Lecture (Sadighi Research Fund)By Dr Mehrdad Vahabi, University of Paris VIIIWhat is the impact of violence on economic development? In the Eighth Dr Sadighi Annual Lecture... [Event]
On March 7th Jane Humphries will give a lecture: "Spinning the Industrial Revolution".The prevailing explanation for why the Industrial Revolution occurred first in Britain is Robert Allen’s (2009) ‘... [Event]
The International Iranian Economic AssociationCALL FOR PAPERSFifth International Conference on Iran’s Economy (2018)International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsMarch 8-9,... [Event]
On February 7th Joost Jonker, will give a lecture on: 'From hapless victims of desire to responsibly choosing citizens. The emancipation of consumers in  the Low Countries’ consumer credit regulation... [Event]
19.30 uur.Terwijl technologie banen vervangt blijven we evenveel werken. Zouden we niet gelukkiger en efficiënter kunnen worden van minder werken?Werken, werken, werken, druk, druk, druk. Technologie... [Event]
Wordt Nederland kampioen kruimelbanen en wat betekent dit voor onze arbeidsmarkt?De ‘gig economie’ ofwel de platformeconomie, de kruimel-ZZP’er en de schnabbeleconomie, het zijn allemaal termen die... [Event]
On October 4th Bas van Bavel, Utrecht University,  will give a lecture on: 'The Emergence and Decline of Market Economies throughout History'The lecture is based on the introduction of his new book... [Event]
Thursday, December 15, 201612:00 Lunch & welcome13:00 Karin Hofmeester (International Institute of Social History) 'The Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations, 1500-2000'13:45... [Event]