Conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations

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The Institute of Biography of the University of Groningen and the International Institute of Social History jointly organised an international conference about the role of charisma in the rise of the... [Event]
Five exhibitions of posters, photos and other documents 1. The Bund in pictures2. The Bund and Elections in Interbellum Poland3. Yiddish Revolutionary Propaganda  4. Socialist-revolutionary and... [Exhibition]
The first socialist ever to set foot ashore the Dutch East Indies was Henri Hubertus van Kol (1852-1925). In 1876 Van Kol, who had been an early member of the First International, started his career... [Image gallery]
The first political piece that Karl Marx (age 24) wrote after his dissertation was a polemic against censorship in the spring of 1841. The Zensurinstruktion proclaimed by the Prussian government on... [Image gallery]
It took Marx and Engels six weeks to write the Communist Manifesto, since, by the end of December 1847, the London Bildungsgesellschaft für Arbeiter officially asked them to develop its political... [Image gallery]
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Louise Michel's death, the IISH presented in 2005 a selection of documents of her life.As a communarde, determined revolutionary, and romantic writer, Louise... [Image gallery]
In the twenties, the Olympic games got their counterpart within the labour movement. Labour Olympiads took place in Frankfurt, Vienna and Antwerp. Workers played soccer, practised gymnastics and ran... [Image gallery]
Dutch press photographer Johan de Haas (1915-1997) worked from 1937 to 1978 for various newspapers and journals published by social-democratic organizations, commonly referred to as the Red Family.... [Image gallery]
An ex libris, mark of ownership in a book or manuscript, is both a sample of printing and a piece of art. As art, it is an individual statement by the designer, but it also reflects the personality... [Image gallery]
Begin april 2008 verscheen Het Socialistenboek, een coproductie van IISG en uitgeverij Waanders. Het Socialistenboek is een handzaam fotoboek over de opkomst en ontwikkeling van de Nederlandse... [Image gallery]