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Christianopolis , 1619

Christianopolis is the only German and the only Christian utopia in this series, but celibacy for Roman Catholic priests has been abolished. Beggars, swindlers, thieves, braggarts, fanatics, and quacks are forbidden entrance.

Sustainability is highly valued.  The town moat serves as a fish-breeding pond in times of peace. The uniform houses are insulated with double-glazed windows.
All citizens dress the same, with one outfit for the winter and one for the summer. No-one has ever heard of Parisian fashion here.

Everybody is well-mannered and happy. Even the soldiers are temperate by nature rather than being fanatics.
Capital punishment has been abolished, and those who violate the law are given lenient sentences.
A man seldom hits his wife as this is considered a most unpleasant activity.
The elderly are cherished.

(reprint 1972, call no. 1989/1800).