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Lecture by Jonathan D. London

4 December 2018
IISH, Amsterdam, 15.30 hrs, Posthumus Room

Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing Social Orders

The world-scale expansion of markets and market relations ranks among the most transformative developments of our times. We can refer to this process by way of a generic if inelegant term – marketization. In his recently published book, Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing East Asia, Leiden University’s Jonathan London explores how processes of marketization have registered across East Asia’s diverse social landscape and its implications for patterns of welfare and inequality. While there has been great interest in East Asia’s economic rise, treatments of welfare and inequality in the region have been largely relegated to specialist literatures. Proceeding from a synthetic critique of political economy, this book places welfare and inequality at the center of a more encompassing comparative approach to political economy that construes countries as dynamic, globally embedded social orders defined and animated by distinctive social relational and institutional features. Welfare and Inequality in Marketizing East Asia provides a cutting-edge comparative political economy analysis of welfare and inequality across ten East Asian countries; elaborates a constructive critique of theoretical and policy literature on welfare and inequality and theoretical methods for locating changes in welfare policy, institutions, and inequality at the intersection of local, national and global processes and relations; and sets forth a research agenda that brings welfare and inequality toward the center of comparative political economy by construing countries as dynamic, globally embedded social orders defined and animated by distinctive social relational and institutional features. In this talk, London will provide an overview of the arguments developed in his book an outline an agenda for exploring welfare and inequality in marketizing social orders across time and place. NB: Portions of the book are available via research gate and on request.

Jonathan D. London is a professor of political economy at Leiden University. His recent publications include Politics in Contemporary Vietnam (Palgrave) and journal articles in The Journal of Contemporary AsiaSocial Science and Medicine, and The Annual Review of Political Science. He holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Wisconsin.

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