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Gay and Lesbian Movements

The archives of the International Gay and Lesbian Information Center (IHLIA) are now accessible for research. The IHLIA collection includes about 200 archives and covers 230 meters of shelf space.

The IHLIA collection contains the archives of Dialoog (1960s), Flikkerfront (1970s) and the Amsterdamse Jongeren Actiegroep Homoseksualiteit  AJAH(1969-1974). The latter, Amsterdam Youth for Action pro Homosexuality,  was not afraid to fight and confront people, and gained publicity by organizing dances in the strongholds of heterosexuals, or public kiss-ins on the Leidsestraat. It gained a national reputation on May 4, 1970, during the Commemoration for the Victims of World War II on the Dam in Amsterdam, when two activists tried to lay a wreath at the National Monument.

The collection also includes the archives of the conference “Homosexuality, Which Homosexuality?” (1987), Roze (pink) Front, Pann and Gay Games 1998.

The personal papers of Floris Michiels van Kessenich (1957-1991) are also included. Whereas the majority of homosexuals fought against conservative strongholds from the outside, Michiels van Kessenich tried to work within these institutions. Henk Wilschut was active within AJAH and Flikkerfront and involved in Homostudies at Amsterdam University and the magazine Homologie,. His personal papers are also included (1968-1978).

International archives include the International Lesbian & Gay Association (ILGA), the International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS), and the International Gay & Lesbian Youth Organization (IGLYO).

Data on all these archives from the IHLIA were converted into the access systems of the IISH from a closed card box. The arrangement of the archives was executed by volunteers working for IHLIA, and the descriptions were made by IHLIA staff.

The archives have been given to custody of the IISH. Special permission of the depositor is needed to access the archives.  A complete overview of all IHLIA archives is included.

18 December 2012