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Pa Chin translates Kropotkin

3 March 1928
Coll. M. Nettlau, nr. 759

One of China's most famous writers, Li Pei Kan (Li Peigan, 1904-2005), took the name of Pa Chin (Ba Jin), honoring his important mentors, Bakunin and Kropotkin. This is the first page of a letter to another famous anarchist, Max Nettlau.
"Dear Comrade: I received your letter of 2 August last year. Owing to the lack of time I only sent you a card, and I am very sorry for it.
We are founding a 'Freedom Press' in Shanghai and undertaking the task of publishing the complete works of Kropotkin, and three volumes of which appeared already. I have finished the translation of 'Conquest of Bread' before coming to France, and now I am translating the 'Ethics'."