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Content of the HSN Database

The data of the HSN database can be divided into two categories:
• Data from events from the civil certificates
• Data with a more or less continuous character from the population registers

In the following only the content of the main HSN database (‘backbone’) will be described. During the last twenty-five years several projects have been dealt with. For the special datasets that have been delivered, see the web pages of these projects.

The next tables present the main figures of the content of the HSN dataset. Life courses are only collected for the period 1850-1922 and for the subperiod 1850-1862 only for the provinces of Friesland, Utrecht, Zeeland and the city of Rotterdam. The collecting of death certificates concentrated on Research Persons (RP's) who died before the age of ten years old. Almost all marriage certificates date from before 1935.

Birth and death certificates and personal cards in HSN dataset by period of birth, 31 December 2016

Birth, marriage and death certificates, personal cards by province, HSN database, 31 December 2016

Number of Life Courses by region, date of birth and priority of data entry, HSN Release 2010.01